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P&C Association

Welcome to NSBC Manly Campus P&C

NBSC Manly Campus has an active P&C who meet twice each term. Meetings are held on the 3rd and 8th Wednesday of each term at 7pm in the school library and via Zoom. Come along to find out more about the school, meet the Principal, Deputy Principals and other parents and carers while contributing to the experience of all students at Manly Campus. 

While we have a strong P&C committee, we are always look for more of our parent and carer community to become involved (and the more involvement, the better the outcome for our school). There are currently several vacancies on the committee. If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact the school on 9905 3982, or the P&C directly on msc.pandc.contact@gmail.com, and one of the P&C team members will get back to you.

President: Simon Cahill

Vice-Presidents: Richard Williams and Ben Mills

Secretary: Derry Finkeldey

Treasurer: Roman Ialovega

2024 meeting dates

All P&C meetings are held at 7pm on a Wednesday night in week 3 and week 8 of each term (unless otherwise communicated), in the school library and via video conference call. For dates of up-coming P&C meetings please view the calendar on the Manly Campus website homepage or on our P&C parents' community page on Facebook. (the group is called: Manly Selective Campus Parents Community)

Opportunities to get involved

The P&C coordinate a number of activities and working groups, where we welcome input from all our community:

The P&C also funds or contributes to projects that enhance the student experience. Our finance requirements guidelines used to assess requests can be seen below.

You can learn more about all of these at the meetings or email a member of the P&C Executive. 

Staying connected

The P&C Facebook page is a great way for parents of current Manly Campus students to keep up to date with school events, to share information and ask questions.  

P&C events

The P&C run a number of events throughout the year which aim to foster community spirit within the Manly Campus school community. These usually include a new parent welcome evening, a volunteer thank you night, morning tea for the school open day and orientation day, and the Year 12 graduation celebration.

Trivia night

Trivia night has become a highlight of the school calendar. It is a fun evening, with funds raised going directly to a school project. The date will be listed on the school website homepage calendar and details advertised in the school newsletter.

Trivia night 2024 date TBA.

P&C Finance Requirements Guidelines

The Manly P&C works with school executive, staff and students to enhance the school experience for all:

  • Facilitate opportunities for students
  • Provide extra resources that enhance the school experience of students
  • Support and fund initiatives that make the school more effective, comfortable and attractive for the school community
  • Encourage parents, carers, pupils and teaching staff to bring their ideas forward and participate in school community.

P&C funds are raised through an annual P&C contribution from parents/carers, an annual fund-raising event, second-hand uniform shop sales and other ad-hoc fund-raising efforts throughout the year.

P&C funds are allocated after review of each request at the P&C meetings (held at least twice a term), and requests are evaluated and prioritized against the following considerations:

  • The number of students/ proportion of the student population to benefit
  • The potential impact on student learning, developmental or well-being outcomes
  • The initiative is student led (e.g., club request for funding, SRC priorities)
  • The initiative fosters a sense of community identity (e.g., parent/carer events)
  • The funding fosters equity and access for students to engage in opportunities that might otherwise be beyond their reach
  • The ability to measure the success or impact of the project or initiative.

 We will not typically provide funding for requests which:

  • Could be funded by another viable source (e.g., grants, ticket sales, sponsorship and so forth)
  • Require ongoing operating/maintenance costs
  • Might create inequality between students
  • Add risk or complexity to delivery of any school-related services.

Each request is considered on a case-by-case basis, and exceptional funding requests might be granted where the P&C membership agrees the benefit to the school community outweighs the variation to standard criteria. 

Funds are allocated for use within the calendar year they are allocated. Fund that have not been used for the allocated project within 12 months are returned to the general pool for reallocation. 

This list is neither exhaustive, nor exclusive and will be amended as required.

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