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Our school can help with enrolment queries throughout the year.

Local enrolment area

Most schools have designated local enrolment areas. The School Finder shows our local enrolment area. Note: local enrolment areas are subject to change.

How to enrol 

During the enrolment process, let the principal know of any special circumstances, allergies, health or medical conditions affecting your child.

For more information, visit high school enrolment or contact us to discuss your child’s enrolment.

Download an application to enrol (PDF 579KB).

Application forms must be completed in English. However, a translated application to enrol may help you to fill out the form in English.

Temporary visas and international students

For information about eligibility and forms to complete, visit the Temporary Residents Program.

Non-local enrolments

As outlined in the department’s enrolment policy, our school may accept enrolments from outside our local enrolment area if places are available.

Distance education

Distance education is an equity program for students who are geographically isolated or whose individual circumstances prevent them from regularly attending school. Students must meet one of the conditions in Distance Education Enrolment Procedures to be eligible for access to this provision.

For more information about educational opportunities in rural areas, visit Rural and distance education.

Entry into Year 7 at Manly Campus

Students seeking enrolment into Year 7 at NBSC Manly Campus must sit for the Selective Schools Test. Placements are offered by the NSW Department of Education and Communities, High-Performance Unit based on the results of that test.

Applications for Year 7 2019 have now closed. No late applications can be accepted.

Applications for Year 7 2020

Application for Year 7 2020 will open online through the DEC High Performance Unit
on 9 October 2018. Application for entry for Year 7 2020 will close on the 12 November 2018.

Entry into Years 8 - 11 at Manly Campus

Students seeking enrolment into Years 8 - 11 are coordinated through the school, but they must also sit for the Australian Council of Educational Research (ACER), Higher Ability Selection Test. This test is usually conducted at the school on a Saturday in August. Outcome advice is sent to applicants in September/October.

Applications open on a set date in June and close on a set date in July.
The application form is made available on our website or through the DEC High Performance Unit. Applications for placement into these years must have been made on the DE Selective Schools form and submitted to the school by the closing date with the application fee.

See the following NBSC Manly Campus Enrolment Policy (27kb) for information required to be submitted with an application.

It must be noted that there are only limited places that become available in Years 8 - 11 each year.

Applications for Years 8-11 2019

Applications for Years 8-11 2019 are now closed. No late applications can be accepted.

Northern Beaches Secondary College Enrolment Policy 

Access the Northern Beaches Secondary College (NBSC pdf 307kb) enrolment policy here.