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Stage 6

In Stage 6, students apply the knowledge learnt in the elective course to music in the senior years.

The preliminary course is based around the mandatory topic of music from 1600-1900 as well as an additional topic, which is decided upon as a class. The 2 unit HSC music 2 course focuses on the mandatory course of Music of the Last 25 Years (Australian focus) and an additional topic, which is chosen by the students individually.

Each student is required to complete an aural and musicology paper, a 2 minute composition, perform one piece, based on the mandatory topic (Music of the Last 25 Years) and complete a sight singing examination. The student also has a chosen elective of performance, composition or musicology and the requirements for each differ and is based on their chosen additional topic.

Students undertaking Music 2 in the HSC may also wish to consider taking Music Extension. This 1 unit course requires highly sophisticated talent and motivation in a single elective, performance, composition or musicology. 

Incursions and workshops

Every year, the music staff at Manly Campus provides incursions and excursions to assist Music 2 students, which includes organizing active professional composers and performers to work one on one with each student, providing specialist instruction and reinforcing the work undertaken in the classroom.

Each year we have been fortunate enough to commission a work from an Australian composer to be included in the HSC repertoire of selected students. 

As part of the support days organised for the Music 2 HSC curriculum, our campus took part in the annual HSC Music Day, held at Freshwater Campus in May. This day allows the 5 campuses of the Northern Beaches Secondary College to come together and undertake specific workshops relating to either the Music 1 or Music 2 course.  Our students took part in Music 2 workshops which focus on our 4 learning areas: aural, musicology, performance and composition. They received valuable information relating to their practical and written submissions. 

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