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Stage 4

Stage 4

Visual arts is a mandatory subject in Year 7 and 8 and its content refers students to engage with art making, critical and historical studies and must precede any electives in visual arts.

The students are introduced to visual arts in Stage 4 through an exploration of a variety of subject matter and media.

Year 7

Students explore different conventions for representing the human figure. Artmaking is linked to depicting the figure in two and three-dimensional forms using a variety of different styles and media including: expressive and realistic figure drawing, abstract painting and wire sculpture. They complete a research traditional and modern artists' approaches to depicting the human figure. 

Year 8

Students explore "The Bush and the City “The Beach re-interpreted” through a range of media and materials. They learn the principles of perspective and use the natural and man-made surroundings of the school as a source for making artworks, producing digital photographs and drawings using pencil, mixed media and charcoal. They also analyse a range of Australian artists’ works who depict urban and natural landscapes.

In addition they explore the beach by going on an artmaking excursion to Curl Curl beach and produce a range of works. They use this direct experience as the motivation to produce a canvas painting or skateboard deck. They study a range of artists’ depictions of the beach and create their own paintings, influenced by these artists’ styles. 

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