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Stage 6

Stage 6

2 units for each of Year 11 and HSC Board Developed Course.

Students study dance as an art form through the interrelated practices of Performance, Composition and Appreciation.

The Dance Stage 6 Syllabus emphasises dance both as an art form in its own right and as an exciting medium for learning that fosters students’ intellectual, social and moral development. The art form of dance has a theoretical base that challenges the mind and the emotions, and its study contributes to the students’ artistic, aesthetic and cultural education. The study of dance as an art form acknowledges the interrelationship between the practical and theoretical aspects of dance — the making and performing of the movement and the appreciation of its meaning.

Assessment in dance is conducted against set criteria. Students are assessed according to their own capabilities and limitations, not compared to others. Additionally, in the practices of performance and composition students are given the opportunity to display their theoretical knowledge and understanding through interviews.  

The Stage 6 dance course content focuses on developing skills in the areas of performance, composition and appreciation. Learning in these components is progressive. It begins in the Year 11 course and extends into, and is examined in, the HSC course.

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