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NBSC Manly Campus

The selective campus of Northern Beaches Secondary College

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Principal's message

Northern Beaches Secondary College, Manly Campus is a co-educational, academically selective secondary school that caters for high potential and gifted learners. The campus ethos of academic excellence, personal best and giving back to the community are reflected in any typical day in our school.

Through evidence-based high performance and gifted strategies, such as differentiation, acceleration, deep inquiry and enrichment, our students attain academic excellence. Our students pursue personal best through creative and critical thinking, encouragement of self–reflection and detailed study skills programs. Students give back to the community in so many ways including the extensive music program, drama, the musical, debating, chess, mentoring, competitive and recreational sport, leadership development, volunteering and college activities such as Duke of Edinburgh and Project Penguin.  Student wellbeing is nurtured through stimulation, engagement and support.

We create a vibrant learning environment that celebrates and nurtures the individual gifts and talents of our students by ensuring differentiation within authentic and engaging learning experiences within and beyond the classroom.

We actively engage in ongoing professional learning with the aim of developing students' intellectual curiosity, capacity for self–reflection, and ability to actively collaborate to solve complex problems.

We take collective responsibility for fostering positive respectful relationships between staff, students, parents and community.

We support the development of self–aware, empathetic and resilient lifelong learners. We facilitate students’ engagement with, and learning from, individuals and groups in the wider community.

Our pedagogical framework underpins our firm belief in educating the whole person to nurture their potential to thrive in a changing world.

Our parents are wonderfully supportive, creating a unique partnership with the school that is greatly valued.

Every year we watch with pride as our young people leave with purpose, a love of learning and confidence in their futures.

On behalf of our school community of students, staff, alumni and parents, thank you for taking the time to learn more about our school.

Kathy O'Sullivan