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Stage 5

TAS Electives for 2024

Learning at a glance.

200 hour courses (lines 5 and 6 - pick up to 2)

Design and Technology

Engineering Technology

Computing Technology

Textiles Technology

100 hour courses (line 7 - pick 1 only)

Architecture and Graphic Design

Food Technology

Timber Technology

Acceleration (by application only)

Stage 6 Year 11 and 12 Design and Technology

200 hour courses (line 5 and 6) 

Pick  1 course

  • computing technology
  • engineering technology
  • design and technology
  • textiles technology.

100 hour courses (line 7)

Pick up to 2 courses

  • food
  • timber
  • architecture and graphic design


By application only

  • Stage 6, Year 11 and 12 Design and Technology

TAS subjects at Manly Campus

The study of TAS subjects will empower students to successfully meet the challenges of a complex and varied technology-rich contemporary environment and will assist them tin appreciating and being informed about a range of careers in technology and design based disciplines. These include architecture, engineering, information science and software design, environmental design, interior design, fashion, food design and industrial design.

TAS subjects are based on a holistic view of design and integrate procedural and conceptual knowledge into a project based approach to learning. Students identify needs that have personal relevance, apply design theory, and use design processes that encourage flexibility, resourcefulness and creative and critical thinking in the development, communication and production of quality solutions.

Studying these subjects gives a student an opportunity to:

  • develop self-efficiency, resourcefulness, mature judgment and the capacity to work independently and responsibly
  • encourage a sense of purpose, enjoyment and personal satisfaction through the production of their own design projects
  • develop respect for quality design and craftsmanship
  • develop the skills and knowledge necessary to be a more discerning consumer
  • encourage the conservation of materials and resources
  • understand health and safety
  • develop time management skills.

Selecting 200 hour and 100 hour courses

In elective lines 5 and 6 courses are studied for a total of 200 hours (Years 9 and 10). In line 7 courses are studied for 100 hours (Year 9 only). 

For more information about Stage 6 Design and Technology please look at the syllabus here. You can also have a conversation with the TAS Head Teacher, Ms Goykovic.

Read the TAS Stage 5 Electives 2024 Summary document.

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