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Going green

Manly Campus has an active Environmental Committee which recognises the importance of climate change caused mainly by energy consumption.  

Energy bills are also a large cost in the school's budget. Over the past year they have audited the school's energy uses. Energy bills revealed that electricity was the main energy consumed largely overnight (over half) and during holiday periods when the school is unoccupied. 

Five teams of energy sleuths audited the high consuming sections of the school and identified computers and monitors, then air-conditioning, lighting and refrigerators/freezers, then ceiling fans as the main energy consumers. The teams then reorganised to research ways to save energy for each. The teams are currently costing out their proposals and the expected savings for presentation to a ‘Shark Tank" of Teacher/Parent/Community members who will fund and implement the best proposals. If large enough energy savings can be made and the savings reinvested in further improvements and in additional rooftop solar PV's, the school can progressively move toward becoming carbon neutral.