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Stage 5

Stage 5 (Years 9 - 10) elective courses provide for broader and in-depth learning of the Visual arts beyond the limits of the mandatory course. Manly Campus offers a variety of electives that encourage creativity, critical thinking, individual and artistic expression and in depth study of a variety of media. We offer 200 hour Visual arts and 100 hour electives including photography and digital media and visual design and film. 

Visual arts 200 hours

Visual arts 200 hours, builds on the Stage 4 visual arts mandatory course. It provides opportunities for students to explore diverse subject matter, themes and issues and use autonomy and divergent thinking to produce a body of work. Subject matter including portraiture, the Shoalhaven River landscape and still life are investigated using a variety of techniques and styles through drawing, painting, mixed media, sculpture and photography. Students extend their skills by participating in a fantastic 3 day art camp located at Arthur Boyd education centre on the Shoalhaven River, Nowra. Visits to art exhibitions including Sculpture by the Sea and Art Express are an important part of this subject. 

Visual design and film 100 hours

This course focuses on how design plays a significant role in many creative fields. Students learn to use a range of materials and techniques and apply their understanding of the principles and elements of design to produce artworks. Students are given a series of design briefs and create 2D, 3D and 4D artworks using illustration, mixed media, stenciling, sculpture, text, Adobe Suite, installation and film. Students also examine a range of designers work using The Frames and the Conceptual Framework to analyse designer's artworks. 

Photography and digital media 100 hours

This course provides students specialised learning opportunities in the practical experience of photography starting with black and white traditional photography using SLR cameras and developing prints in the Manly Campus dark room. Students are taught about digital photography and gain an understanding of portraiture and still life and create a photo montage using Adobe Photoshop. Students visit Cockatoo Island and represent their ideas and interests about the world through digital photography using SLR cameras, experimenting with manual formats, lighting and stop frame animations.

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