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Stage 5

Stage 5

Visual arts is an elective subject that is offered as a 200-hour course over Year 9 and 10. In addition, photography and digital media, and visual design are elective 100 hour subjects in Year 9.

Year 9 visual arts

In Year 9 students learn how to express themselves by representing their ideas using a range of materials, techniques and styles. They investigate different subject matter and develop skills in two and three-dimensional forms through portraiture, landscapes and sculpture.  Students explore how to make artworks in a sustained way and produce a body of work. They also develop the ability to critically and historically interpret art and to make informed judgments about artworks. They attend a 3-day art making camp at Bundanon and produce experimental sketches, painting, mixed media books and environmental sculptures.

Year 9 photography and digital media

This course provides opportunities for students to enjoy making and studying about digital photography and film. The students represent their ideas and interests about the world using innovative practices and study traditional and contemporary works. They explore a range of concepts and develop skills in digital photography, photo media and film. The students explore a range of concepts and go on a photography excursion to Cockatoo Island.

Year 9 visual design

This course focuses on design in the contemporary world in two, three and four-dimensional forms. The students explore the possibilities of technology and a range of materials and techniques including digital photography, computer programs such as Adobe Photoshop and graphics tablets to create digital designs. They also investigate how to create objects using laser cutter technology and video through learning how to plan, shoot and edit a film. In addition, students investigate and respond to a wide range of visual designers and works in making and historical studies.

Year 10 visual arts
Students examine historical and contemporary art practices by exploring objects and still life over time. The students experiment with a range of different media including collage, print, stencilling drawing and painting to create a hybrid design.

In addition, they extend their knowledge of still life and use a collection of personal objects as the basis for an artwork and learn the principles of digital photography. Students create a multi-media body of work based on the theme  "The Secret Life of Objects". They examine a range of historical and contemporary artists that explore still life and objects through a range of mediums and styles.


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